‘Doctor Strange’ Trailer Release where Benedict Cumberbatch is Marvel’s Mystical Super Hero


The nerve wracking entry of Benedict Cumberbatch who suits up to be the new mystical Marvel super hero in Doctor Strange.


Doctor strange based on functional superhero that was appear in the comic books of America, the comic book of Finctional hero published by Marvel Comics while the comic book created by an artist Steve Dikto.

In the first trailer of Doctor strange the Benedict Cumberbatch’s life seems to turn up and down but the story behind the movie is that the Stephen Strange whose life and career was no more after a car accident, he lost his hand although he searched a lot to repair after all he find an ancient one.

Doctor strange is the successful surgeon however know the medical field also gain the knowledge and become a magician as well, though his hard work he get the thin line between magic and science.

he got the dual abilities of mystery of magic and in past he trained himself in medical science. Regarding Dr strange character number of peoples like the super hero of Marvel Comics, the first trailer of the Dr Strange already a heart thumping trailer for fans.

In a short trailer, we get a glance of his early life as well as the heart thumping jorney toward mystery of magic after the terrible accident with him, he shown his effort to repair his hand however at the end he shows his mystical power by producing a film on his hand.

The film Dr. Strange released on 4 November 2016, Scott Derrickson directed the movie although the movie co stars are named as Michael Stuhlbarg, Mads Mikkelsen who play a central role in the movie, however there are two more stars Chiwetel Ejiofor and Rachel McAdams.