Donald J. Trump Awarded Hillary Clinton with Title of “The Devil”


Nominee of Republican Party Donald J. Trump during a promotion rally in Pennsylvania at a school on Monday through bombs of criticism on Democratic Party and specifically criticize his opponent in the Presidential Election Hillary Clinton by saying that she is a devil.


During the campaign rally at Pennsylvania Donald J. Trump did not present his future planning that how he is going to make America better than ever instead of this he put all his attention towards the Democratic Party.

While disusing the Democratic Party first he criticize Bernie Sanders strongly that he lose the election of number one contender to present Democratic Party for Election through proper planning that how it is possible that he is damn sure that he lose in this election.

While discussing the Bernie Sanders he moves the direction of his criticism toward his strongest enemy Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump Address the Nominee of Democratic Party by saying her Devil.

Donald J. Trump did not stopped her by saying her the Devil further he extend his statement by say that she is the wicked one, the serpent of old, the mother of lies, Beelzebub, the god of this age: Satan after these statements and comments Nick Ramsey tweet on tweeter about these comments

After awarding Hillary Clinton with these comments he said that she made a deal with Devil as she is the assistant of Devil and follows the Devils commands if she becomes the President of America She will spoil the America and makes it the land of Devil.

After this full of harshness and aggressive speech delivered by Donald J. Trump during the promotion rally than Wayne Allyn Root Tweets his comments on his official Twitter account.

In these comments Donald J. Trump also drag Barack Obama in short he criticize the whole party and also their deeds.