Donald J. Trump Will Represents Republican Party At Presidential Election 2016


WASHINGTON: America political Party Republican officially announced that one of the billionaire traders of world Donald J. Trump will compete in upcoming Presidential Election from Republican side which held in November 2016.


After the 16 Party Rival of Republican than Republicans decided to select their nominee for the upcoming elections for white house in this party meeting after party members deeply concern with each to make a list of top the leaders who will compete with each other to represent the Republican Party in the National election of New York.

After a very long discussion three leaders of Republican Party are elected one is Marco Rubio second is Ted Cruz and the third one is Donald J. Trump in this election it is sure short that Marco Rubio will never be able to compete in this election but the real competition is between Donald J. Trump and Ted Cruz.

In this party election votes the numbers of votes are 2200 and if a contender wants to win this election than it is compulsory for him to get 60% votes which are 1237 votes, after that the election is started and the election is oral election the results of this election is Donald J. Trump gets 1725 votes and his opponent Ted Cruz only able to get 475 votes.

During the roll call voting son of Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump Junior announced that New York is Standing in the support of Donald J. Trump as New York is their home state and they are fully confident that they Donald J. Trump will wins the Presidential Election just like we wins this election.

If we see the division of 28 Oregon Delegates Donald J. Trump gets 23 Delegates, Ted Cruz gets 5 Delegates and Marco Rubio gets no Delegate.

Now in Presidential Election Republican official Donald J. Trump will compete against Hillary Clinton of Democratic for the White House.