Donald Trump Excites Islamist Youth to Join Islamic State


Washington: The United States one of the candidates for President of the United States presidential election 2016.


Donald Trump’s controversial statements are nowadays being criticized among the other candidates as well other senior politicians as his words are fueling extremism in country.

However, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has claimed that the Middle East’s dangerous Islamist militant organization has been using Donald Trump’s Islam criticism videos to excite the Islamist youth to join the group.

While the republican presidential candidates are strongly condemned over the Hillary Clinton’s claim that the Trump’s Islam insulting videos are being used as recruiting tool by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, though the United States has been struggling to remove the complete hold of the militants in Syria and Iraq.

Hillary added it needs to stop the ISIS motivations using the Donald Trump’s videos to excite the Islamic youth to group because it will be raising extremism all around the world while she also said while appreciating the attempts of US-led coalition in Syria and Iraq that to launch ground actions in both lands against the group would be a strategic error because the IS wants the same thing.

United States Senator, Mr. Bernie Sanders described that America can’t fight to Islamic State as well Syrian Bashar al-Assad regime at once and US only can win the battle against the group with the help of its alliance as well Russia.

On the other side, Clinton’s campaign communications director, Jen Palmieri said George Stephanopoulos that Islamic State is using the Trump’s insulting video while sharing on social media to raise number of its recruitment.

The senior politicians as well candidates for President of the United States presidential election 2016 calling for stop criticism over Islam as it may have disturb the peace in USA.