Donald Trump Says Cannot Allow China To Rape Our Country Continuously


American Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump ratcheted up his language towards China on Sunday, Trump compare US trade deficit with China to Rape.


Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump addressed to thousands of fans and supporters in Indiana on Sunday night where he had to speak about United States Trade deficit with China, Trump ratcheted up his language towards China meanwhile the address to his supporter, he with no hesitation compare the United States Trade deficit, which he laments regularly and pledges to tackle as United States president, to rape.

Donald Trump referring to high number of exports relatives to United States said in his second rally on Sunday in Fort Wayne, Indiana, he can’t continue to China to rape his country and that’s what they are doing.

Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump told to supporters in Rally that “Don’t forget”, United States is like piggybank that has been robbed by China and have much power than china. Donald Trump’s word was “rape”, he said they are not mad at the Chinese and angry with the leaders of United States as they allow to do so.

According to CNN, front runner Donald Trump had used the inflammatory term once again to describe the country trade deficit, Trump had already been taken such foolish steps with female voters as he particularly used to say the women who have abortion, will be punished under his administration.

An endorsement from former heavy weight boxer, Mike Tyson who found guilty in rape in Indiana also provided by live ammunition from Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump.

In his harsh tone similar to last speeches, he laid blame on American’s leaders for the trade deficit and didn’t blame on China because their American’s leaders who they made branded “grossly incomplete”.