Donald Trump Says Pakistan A Problem For United States Because Of Nuclear Weapons


Washington: Republican President front runner Donald Trump said, nuclear armed Pakistan is a Big as well as a vital problem for United States and asserted to solve difficulty if he elected as President of United States.


Republican President front runner Donald Trump clearly against Pakistan because Pakistan has the thing called Nuclear power that’s why the whole world scared from Pakistan, Republican president candidate emphasized to say if he elected president of Country, he with other countries including India step forward to seize the problem as soon they can.

During the Questioning session organized in India, when president front runner questioned about Pakistan Nuclear power he aggressively revealed his feeling towards Pakistan.

He know very well that United States funded a lot Pakistan but instead of being thankful to US, Pakistan appeared as double faced. Donald Trump added US sometime silent due to reason of having powerful modern weapons and Pakistan have Nuclear power as well.

Donald Trump because of his aggression towards Pakistan revealed the reason, Why United States granted Pakistan? Nine countries exist on Globe that granted by US including Pakistan, True reason behind grant is that if they block funding Pakistan sell their modern weapons to other countries that will change the whole environment of world. Therefore, United States will not block their funding.

He also expressed his feeling towards the brutal attack in Lahore, Pakistan where a huge amount of Christian killed in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park as terrible attack that resulted as the casualties of almost 74 lives as well as a large amount over 300 were injured because they celebrate their Ester Holiday. He referred and used to say he will better solve the problem instead of anyone else running.

Few days later in front of Bollywood actress argued to halt the immigration of Muslim towards United States either they had aim of business or trade.