Donald Trump Supporters Clash With Protesters In California’s San Diego, At Least 35 Arrested


Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump held a campaign rally in which pro-Trump and anti-Trump crowd clashed with each other on Friday night. In consecutive three days, this is 2nd time when anti-Trump protesters launched violations.


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump held a second campaign rally in California’s city San Diego after huge violation in the recent one rally in Mexico on Tuesday. Hundreds of presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump supporters gathered to become the huge crowd in San Diego but number of protesters made their way to violate the peace environment in campaign rally on Friday night.

Police were also deployed that clad in riot gear, after issuing order to disperse crowd includes anti-Trump and pro-Trump, police aggressively and forcefully disperse the rally with wielding batons. According to an estimate Police disperse crowd in the second rally scuffle, is nearly around 1000 people in which aggressive police arrested at least 35 people.

Police sprayed numerous protesters from fray of scuffle by pushing the protester, there are several reporters as well, Police reported. Donald Trump took twitter to applaud police department as they take a good control of the situation in the peaceful campaign rally in California’s San Diego.

The clash caught fire when presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump terminated his speech at San Diego rally on Friday night, several anti-Trump protesters start throwing bottles as well as stones on republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and police officers as well.

Police that already deployed cladding helmet, pads, and masks and have long batons in their hands ordered to take control of the condition and dispersed the hundreds of supporters and also protesters to overcome pro-trump and anti-trump scuffle. Police beautifully done his duty and arrested at least 35 protesters who tried to disturb the environment.