Donald Trump Takes Lead over Hillary Clinton, Reaction of Democrats on Hillary Clinton Defeat


It is a very horrible moment for Democrats that Hillary Clinton was defeated by Donald Trump of Republicans in the national polling and it was a very shocking defeat for Hillary Clinton.


Hillary Clinton was fully confident for her win but when the results were out she was defeated with the percentage of 0.2 it was a very close but the defeat is defeat and now Hillary was very panic on her defeat.

In fact there are no chances of Hillary Clinton Defeat as she had an average of 0.6 in September she was very confident that she will not allow Donald Trump to lead as he was concerted to be a double faced personality and he even don’t knows the difference between true and lie till now Democrats were not accepting that their candidate Hillary was lost with just 0.2 percent.

Everybody knows that Donald Trump was a very famous or popular personality among the public and that’s why Republicans choose him as their candidate to stand in elections and Republicans now slowly slowly the chances are made that now Republicans are going to win white house.

According to Republicans the Americans now want change and they are not happy from the leadership of Hillary Clinton that’s why they choose Donald Trump the believe that Donald was a best leader than Hillary and as the members of Democrats taunting Donald Trump that’s all part of politics and this is called politics.

According to RCB it was totally un clear for us that now who is going to win both candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are going neck to neck, RCB further says that from every state we got different electronic votes we can’t even predict anything that now who is going to win but at the end Donald Trump won by just 0.2 present.