Drone Strike Kills Lashkar-e-Islam Deputy Commander Including 14 terrorists in Afghanistan


According to latest information from sources, a drone strike in Afghanistan has killed more than 13 militants as well as the Deputy Commander of outlawed Lashkar-e-Islam.


The deputy commander of banned outfit Lashkar-e-Islam, Mr. Zakir Kambar Khel was part of attacks on security forces in Khyber Agency and Peshawar, while the drone strike targeted the hideouts of Zakir and his companions in the Nazian area of Afghanistan.

However, Zakir Kambar Khel was deputy of Lashkar-e-Islam Ameer Mangal Bagh, though the Afghan officials have confirmed the deaths of these dangerous militants.

Police Chief of Nangarhar, Ahmad Shirzad and Brigadier General Mohammad Nasim Sangin told media reporters that the actions against the militants are going on constantly in Nangarhar and their security forces have also killed about 44 jihadists from Islamic State as well 18 others wounded in the latest offensive.

On the other hand, the operation commanders on Monday addressed a news conference, in which they explained that they have taken back several villages where the fighters belonging to world’s one of the most dangerous organizations, have their built its strong roots as well large number of weapons and ammunition was also recovered during the offensive.

Nonetheless, the security forces also have shot dead 13 other militants in an internal battle Karkani area of Achin District. While a clash was reported between a Taliban group and jihadists from Islamic State of Iraq and Syria that also known by other names such as IS, ISIL and others.

Most of people don’t have idea that the Islamic State members were the former loyalists of renowned banned outfit Taliban, while for their own interest they changed their ways and joined the Iraq-Syria based militant group that also has another identity ‘Daesh’ and known for its brutal behavior.