Dubai Airliner Crash Left All 62 Aboard Dead, Burst into Flames in Southern Russia


On early Saturday, a Dubai passenger jet suddenly lost its control flying in the air, went down in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don by attempting to land but heavy winds made his struggles fail, all 62 who were on aboard died, authorities reported media.


The experts also told that many airliners had faced difficulties while landing at the airport at same time when the crash occurred after repeatedly trying to land before renouncing as well diverting to another airport.

The Boeing 737-800 operated by FlyDubai, government-owned low-cost airline, was carrying reportedly 55 passengers in which most of them were Russian citizen as well seven crew members, Russian Emergencies Ministry said in statement.

Government-owned low-cost airline FlyDubai faced first time huge lost since the budget carrier launched in 2009 while its fleet comprises cast 737-800 aircraft as the one that crashed.

FlyDubai also revealed that those who died in this plane crash, four children were f them, though Boeing team has also confirmed that they didn’t discover any survivors all died.

Television footage of closed-circuit shows how the plane going down losing control in a vertical angle and bursting whereas the huge blast left a big hole in the runway and crushed badly.

However, the investigators to peruse the case to find out how it happened and what the cause was behind the crash though it can’t be said anything immediately. Although the experts and officials have revealed a sudden strong gust of wind may have caused the crash.

One the other side, weather report on Russian state television demonstrates, when the FlyDubai passenger jet first tried to land that time winds at ground level weren’t dangerously strong, while at an altitude of 500 meters (1,640 feet) and higher almost was close to hurricane speed of around 30 meters per second (67 mph).