Duke William and Duchess Kate Middleton visit Kaziranga National Park of Assam


Royal couple prince William and Kate Middleton were eager to visit Assam as well as ambitious to visit the largest Park to see one horn rhino in Kaziranga National park.


Prince William and Kate Middleton arrived Indian on Tuesday while they were desirous to visit the world largest National park that is world famous for its one horn rhino park, after arriving the Assam’s park they welcomed very well with honor and respect.

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however, at the gate of the park royal couple notify the waiting person including media journalist that they came here to visit the one horn rhino which was most famous all round the globe as well as some other animals, a jeep is offered to visit the world most famous one rhino park with a heavy security although they choose to sit on a open jeep.


According to the officials Royal couple had breakfast together with Kaziranga National Park frontline staffs in Bimoli camp, after this Prince William acquired about their habits of elements as well as rhinos.

Prince enquired about the anti poaching and asked them how they make it possible to safe the animals from poachers and what type of superior weapons are their requirements.

After a short visit Royal couple arrive at the gate of Kaziranga Information Center where one more time they treated well by Principal Chief Conservator of Forest OP Pandey along with PCCF Nk Yadav.


During the sit in at Information center they provided a detail map of Kaziranga National Park as well as the officials tried to explain before Duke and Duchess that what the place where most of the animals could be spotted.

A dance performance were arranged for Royal couple however Prince also interacted with dancer and other kinds of instrument players, Prince asked about one instrument Pepa that was a local instrument as well tried to play the instrument himself.