During Dispute Between Groups At St. Louis 2 Killed, 2 Police Officers Injured


Washington: In America at St. Louis a dispute takes place between a group of peoples in result of this dispute a men got angry and open its fire on the other group members in result of this firing 2 group members have lost their lives two police officers are also injured in this dispute.


At Main Street of St. Louis a dispute takes place between the members of same group in staring there is just exchange of dialogues but during this exchange of dialogues a member of group lost his temper and opened his fire on the members of group.

In result of this firing 2 group members lost their lives at the spot and other members of the group tried to stop him but he did not stop and continue its firing when tried to fired the other members they ran away to saves their lives at the same public moving on the street really got frighten and run away cars drivers left their cars on the roads and run away.

At that same time police officers reach at the spot and tries to stop him but they are not getting closer to him as he has his gun and there are very bright chances that he shoots the police officers but a group of police officers tried to go near to hum he opened his fire at the police offices and 2 police officers got injured.

At the end the bullets in the gun of that person finished than police arrested that man according the Chief of Police at St. Louis the suspect is now under the police custody as investigation is still going on further he said that this shooting is not a terrorist case or another sort of serious issue this is just a case of dispute between group members.