Dutch Fighter Jets Hit First Time Islamic State Hideouts In Syria


After Russia, Holland also participated in United States alliance as its Dutch F-16 fighter jets rained missiles first time on Islamic State secret hideouts in Syria, confirmed by the defense ministry.


Now Holland has become the partner of American-led air campaign, while the Hague-based ministry explained weekly summary of actions on its official website, saying the Dutch F-16 fighter jets did about 10 missions over eastern Syria and Iraq.

However, the Dutch government had announced previous month to take part in the US-led air campaign following French and United States requests.

The latest airstrikes were directly hit secret positions strategic aims of Middle East based Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant as well the attacks also targeted.

One the other hand after hitting missiles with the help of four F-16 aircraft’s, Netherlands also focusing to take part in ground offensive against the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham with co-ordination of Iraqi military.

Nonetheless, in the wake of the Paris attacks which occurred in November previous year, a request was sent to the Dutch government by French and American allies who wanted to extend their campaign against the Islamic States.

The extended air operations will surely remove the complete hold Islamic State in eastern Syria as well offensive would turn to Iraq territories where the organization has built its strong roots, stated Mark Rutte, the Dutch Prime Minister in January.

United States launched its war-campaign against the Islamist militant organization in August 2014 since the Islamic States seized a swathe of territory in Iraq as well Syria, while the American offensive raised when IS stirred in both nations while killing and kidnapping civilians.

While Arab and US allies extended attacks against the Islamist group IS in Syria after September 2014 and now Saudi Arabia has also launched exercises contains a large number of troops from 20 countries which will help to tackle well to terrorists.