Dwayne Johnson Now Going To Play Role Of Superhero Doc Savage In Shane Black’s Film


Dwayne Johnson after realizing his new looks in Fast and Furious 8 and giving a surprise to their fans that he was working as a leading actor in Iron Man 3 now.


He has announced another awesome news for his fans that now he is going to act as Doc Savage in Shane Black’s upcoming film Shane Black was working on the script from 2009 but due to some reasons the on this script will be started now.

Dwayne Johnson was basically a world famous wrestler who turned into an actor he was a wrestler of his own kind no one was able to copy his style, this armed wrestler’s famous move is the People’s Elbow he was a 13 times World Heavy Weight Champion.

But after some times this great wrestler entered into Hollywood and started his acting carrier he has acted in several different films but he was mostly knows as Agent Hobbes it was his character in Fast and Furious Series he was first introduced in Fast and Furious 5 as Agent Hobbes and on last week he posted his picture of new look in Fast and Furious 8.

Now this wrestler who transformed into an actor was signed in Shane Black’s upcoming new film based on a superhero Doc Savage and the character of Doc Savage was played by Dwayne Johnson who was mostly known as The Rock among his fans.

but the role of Doc Savage was totally opposite to the nature of Dwayne Johnson because Dwayne Johnson was a very friendly man but the Character of Doc Savage is of that person who was who totally don’t know that how to socialize.

Doc Savage was the first superhero in human history he was introduced in 1930 first it was a magazine later on this character came on radio and then on TV Doc Savage was an inspiration for Superman as Doc’s first name was Clark same as Superman Doc Savage was known as man of bronze just like Superman but now Superman was known as the man of Steel.