Dwayne Johnson Shared First Look Of Upcoming Movie Jumanji 2 Set


After the sharing of video of his upcoming project Jumanji 2 last week, Hollywood warrior hero Dwayne Johnson shared his first look in costume on Instagram and unveiled photo session of his this movie.

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There is no need to introduce the Warrior action hero Dwayne Johnson as he shared some new looks from the official photo session of his upcoming movie Jumanji 2 in which he was seen in the costume with his costars as these photos unveil the official photo session of these actors for this movie.

So in this photo which is shared by this man on Instagram everyone is able to see many actors of this movie including Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hert, Jack and Gillan as these all actors are in their costumes so they are seen in the jungle in this photo.

So in this photo Gillan has more impractical outfit then that of all others which are seen in about best dresses.

So Dwayne Johnson has not added any other description about the outfits of anybody than that of Gillan which he said Her jungle wardrobe will make sense when you know the plot, Trust me. So this movie is the remake of his first film of this name.

So this is not first time when critics told about the impractical outfit of the female leading actress because in the first version of this movie it was also more criticized by the critics about the costume of female costar. In last version of this movie actress Bryce Dallas Howard war heels instead of Boots or Sneakers.

So in this context Gillan has not respond to anyone but only shared the same photo from her social sites so according to official authority of this movie that this movie will be on the screens on 28th of 2017.


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