Earthquake Of Magnitude 7.4 Hits Northwest Portion Of Ascension Island At Centre Of Atlantic Ocean


An earth quake of hits the Atlantic Ocean badly with the magnitude of 7.4 and covers the area of 975 Km or 606 miles this earth quake takes place between Africa and South America.


According to the report of United States Geological Survey (USGS) a massive earth quake of 7.4 magnitude shakes the Atlantic Ocean badly and this earth quake takes place at the depth of 10 KM or 6.2 miles.

The exact location of this earth quake is North West portion of Ascension Island this Island is situated in Atlantic Ocean and the distance between Africa and Ascension Island is 1,600 Km or 1,000 Miles on the other side the distance of this Island from Brazil is 2,250 Km or 1,400 miles.

The total area of this Ascension Island is 88 km square it the region of volcano and there also a small amount of population lives on this Island according to the survey of 2010 the population of Ascension Island is 880.

This earth quake of 7.4 magnitude shakes the whole island but there is no report of any casualties or death as compare to earth quakes in lands he earth quakes in oceans bring a lot of destruction.

because the earth quakes in Oceans hits in 2 was first they shake the land and in result of these shock waves coming out from the crust of earth the waves of water turned into tsunami and hit the piece of land hardly.

The reason behind Earth quakes is that when the plates of crust moves it shakes everything as everybody knows that at the centre of earth there is molten lava and pieces of earth crust floating on it when these pieces move faster than earth quake came the largest earth quake ever recorded is of 9.5 magnitude at Southern Chile.