Egypt Hired A Private Firm To Hint Egyptair Flight MS804 Black Box


To search out EgyptAir black box, Egypt hired a private organization to hint the black box of passenger jet EgyptAir MS804 that headed to crash last week on 19 May.


Egypt is conscious enough to hint out black box of passenger jet, it has hired a private firm which will determine the true cause of disaster although it was an accident or a terror attack.

Egypt Aviation Official released a statement about crash of EgyptAir Flight MS804; they paid a private firm to hint for the black box of EgyptAir Flight which is en route to Cairo from Paris.

Egypt Aviation Official revealed out the private firm news on Friday that they shake hand with Deep Ocean Search (DOS) and signed an agreement to carry out the search in Easter Mediterranean Sea.

France’s BEA air-crash-investigation agency point out the last location of EgyptAir passenger flight MS804 as well as revealed that the passenger jet crashed in Eastern Mediterranean Sea on May 19,206.

Egypt civil Aviation officials signed private firm of Deep Ocean Search can report in the extreme depth of almost 6,000 meters which is calculated around 20,000 feet.

They also bagged a feature technology of robot that is capable of mapping the seabed. From another source, it was reported that French Naval survey vessel headed to search zone that are equipped with numerous deep water devices.

France’s BEA air-crash-investigation agency said, the investigation will launch in deep water of ocean in coming day when the Deep Ocean Search (DOS) organization that equipped with several deep water devices arrive at the search zone are of Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

French and Egypt Aviation official made a combine statement that they will determine the true cause of disaster soon. French crash investigation agency, EgyptAir Flight transmitted an auto indication of smoke in flight before losing the contact.