Egyptair Flight 804, Crashed In Mediterranean Sea Is Found Successfully


Pieces of Air Bus A320 are found in Mediterranean by Greece Navy during patrolling life jackets and some broken pieces of Air Bus A320 are floating in Mediterranean Sea.


This plain belongs to Egyptian Airline it was flight 804 and it flew from Paris heading towards Cairo in Egypt carrying 66 peoples in these 66 peoples 56 are passengers other 10 are crew members of plain and this vanished in an instant on Thursday.

Latter on Adel told in an interview to CNN that the wrack pieces found in the Mediterranean Sea are not the parts of Air Bus A320 so the search is still going on.

Egyptian authority is not taking this matter seriously Egyptian Military is not agreed to be the part of this operation so all that information gathered and provided is from Greece because that region of Mediterranean Sea is part of Greece and it was confirmed that Plain dint entered in the region of Egypt it was crashed in the region of Greece.

Early on Wednesday Greece authority confirmed that the pieces found in the Mediterranean Sea are the parts of Air Bus A320 and operation is started to recover the dead body and black box of plain.

The plain was crashed just due to a blast in engine and then plain was turned on 90 degrees on left side than turned 360 degrees on right side at that time plain was on the height of 11 thousand foots.

First it was conceded that the plain become a victim of terrorist attack but after that a message came from the pilot in last minutes that they are facing the technical problems and smoke is coming out from the left engine of plain.