Egyptian Airlines Passenger Jet Hijacked, The Kidnappers Were Demanding Political Asylum


Cairo: A passenger Airplane of Egyptian Airlines is hijacked which is hijacked between Cairo and Alexandria today and hijacker forced to stop it in Cyprus and demanded a political asylum from the Government of Cyprus on this aspect.


According to Foreign news agencies and Egyptian civil aviation that a passenger jet is hijacked which is coming from Alexandria to Cairo in which there are 81 passengers including administration of the jet and airplane is hijacked between Alexandria and Cairo on Tuesday and hijacker of the jet forced and asked administration of plane to land it in Cyprus and demanded political asylum from the Government of Cyprus.

According to the Government of Cyprus that this jet is been hijacked therefore all news of terrorism are not true, according to news that a man whose name is Ibrahim asked captain of jet by telling that he hell expose bomb otherwise he has to turn jet and land it in Cyprus and after that captain of that airplane land it in the city of Cyprus.

So according to Government resources of Cyprus that the hijacked has let free all passenger on that airport except administration and 4 foreigner passengers who are still in the custody of that hijacked and he demanded political asylum for this aspect in Cyprus.

So due to this incident the authority of that airport has suspended all kind of flight operation and ambulances and vans of rescue teams are still near that plane on that airport.

According to Cyprus Government that the hijacker has its personal issues in Larnaca where he has demanded political Asylum because his Ex wife lived here in that city So talks and negotiation with hijacker is still continue with result that he free all passengers except administration of jet and 4 foreigners.