Egyptian Court Sentences Four-Year-Old Boy To Life In Prison For Murder In Egypt


An Egyptian court has sentenced life in prison to a four-year-old boy for ‘committing murder’ at age of his one year, local media reported.


The court found guilty an innocent Ahmed Mansour Karmi even he wasn’t present there, of eight of attempted murder, one vandalisation of property, four counts of murder and another count of threatening troops and police officers but at his age of one.

Nevertheless, Karmi was not the only even 114 other defendants were also like him as court sentenced them too life jail at the same time at western Cairo court for crimes allegedly committed in early 2014.

Karmi’s defense attorney, Faisal al-Sayd explained media reporters that the innocent child was listed by mistake whereas the court didn’t accept birth certificate of convicted Karmi as the boy was born in September 2012.

Al-Sayd has showed huge anger over the disturbing behavior of western Cairo court judge who clearly didn’t read the case and convicted a four-year-old child of killing as well other accusations.

He added the birth certificate was submitted to judge following the name of Ahmed Mansour Karni listed to the list of accused, while the court sent the case to the military court and sentenced life prison to boy even in his absence in an ensuing court hearing.

The latest decision by the western Cairo court has raised questions over judge’s irresponsible performance as well it also proves that there is no law and justice in the Egypt.

From many sides in the world, one who heard about Egypt court decision, showed rage as well announced the act against humanity. Even the family of young child has been demonstrated huge rage over the court performance which cannot be ignored because it is clearly irresponsible act of Egypt court.