El Chapo Guzman Again Arrested By Mexican Security Forces After Furious Competition


Famous American drug dealer El Chapo Guzman arrested by security forces after a long cruel fight with that group, in which 5 men killed by protection department on a Mexico beach.


According to a news report, last day in Mexico City, special security forces and intelligence agencies trace out the final presence of famous drug dealer named El Chapo Guzman and attacked on in which 5 criminals killed by police and arrested to the Don of unlawful medicines.

Sinaloa Cartel was born on 25 December 1954 in La Tuna, Badiraguato, and Sinaloa, Mexico. Firstly, he produced a legal business for his future but after that he involved in wrong friendship and started an illegal profession of drugs and got high success in minimum time.

Don of drugs also has the chairmanship of famous international group of drug trafficking, money laundering and other big crimes named Sinaloa Cartel in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico. High profile United States intelligence agencies and security departments also considered to that set ‘powerful criminal drug interchange organization in the world’.

Firstly, El Chapo Guzman was arrested by American security forces on 19 January 2001 after a long time try but criminal gave high amounts to Jailers and got release from that place and run away from lockup. Then, he caught again by intelligence department on 11 July 2015 but he succeeded to broke the jail.

Now, according to a news agency report, last day, Mexico security forces and intelligence departments took the right information about the presence of famous drug dealer El Chapo Guzman near in a beach then they attacked and killed five criminal and caught their target in shape of Don.

American Police was trying to catch the master of big drug dealings named El Chapo in all Europe but Mexico security forces completed fantastic mission and transferred to unknown place.