England vs South Africa; Joe Root Hopes For Best England Will Perform Well On South Africa Tour


Lords: An English batsman- Vice Captain, Joe Root looks hopeful about win on Africa’s tour and he also believes on his team mates who also excited about doing something better for country.


The England cricket team will take off for South Africa tour on 11 December, 2015. The English vice Captain Joe Root believes, they will do something batter and not repeat the previous performance and completely try to get success against Africa’s home series.

In few months ago, English team knocked out of the world cup in first round, and recently lost a test series against Pakistan in United Arab Emirates in last month. But in between England beat New Zealand and Australia in a major tournament of Ashes, in which English Skipper Joe Root declared Man of the Series.

On other side, Proteins will be the toughest defender on home side and they are also on top position in test ranking but African lost test series against India by 3-0. So, English camp also trying to take over on Africa.

However, with England straggling closely, this amazing cricket tour also combined with South Africa’s beauty and natural climate during winter months will make unforgettable for both sides over Christmas and New Year.

In 2012, Africa makes a tour of England and they have won test series against British side by 2-0 on their soil, that’s why English team also wants to take revenge of his previous defeat.

The South Africa tour will include four test match series between 26 December to 26 January, English vice captain and Batsman believes England’s senior bowlers will lead the attack and try to presented good results against South Africa.

Root says, we have got more harmful bowling attack against Proteins and hopefully they can perform really well for team and country.