English Cricket Team Soon Visit Bangladesh, ISIS Report About Targeting Australian Team


England now planning to visit Bangladesh on a cricket tour next month after finishes its One Day International series with Pakistan but English team is facing some serious security issues.


English team is now facing new troubles and security threats when this team is fully prepared to visit Bangladesh as a report of ISIS is leaked in which they mentioned that they are planning to attack the Australian Cricket team last year and they are fully prepared and just waiting for the arrival of this team.

But the tour of Australia is canceled as a group of Italians is targeted at that time and all the members of that group are killed after this activity the team of Australia get serious security threats through their intelligence report and the management of Australia Cricket board cancel that tour.

Now it the time when England is coming to Bangladesh to play a series of matches and the management of English Cricket team got a green signal from the side of Bangladesh that the host county has fool proof security system for the guest team.

But the Jos Buttler has a doubt on the management of Andrew Strauss the managing director and he said that not even a single player is forced to go on this tour ever body is going on this tour is on their personal responsibility.

The former Bangladesh Cricket head of performance Mal Loye said that when Australia came to know the planning of ISIS the posted this.

“The week I left, the Australia team didn’t turn up because the terrorists had planned to take us out when we had an event sorted with the touring team. My boss’s wife was arranging the event with the Australians.

The Australian government saw the plans from the underworld guys about what was going to happen. The plans didn’t work out for the terrorists because the Australia team didn’t arrive there.”

“The Italians got shot that week. The terrorists obviously thought they’d take a few people out while they were there. That was enough for me. I knew after the shootings that my freedom as a westerner had gone.”