EURO Football Cup 2016 Final France Vs Portugal, Portugal Wins The Trophy


EURO Football Cup 2016 final match is played between Portugal and France at France this match is a totally breath holding match but at the end the winner team of EURO Football Cup 2016 is Portugal.


As everybody knows that France is a very tough team to beat and for Portugal it is just like that an aunt is trying to climb a mountain because Portugal is a very week team but through great struggle and strong effort Portugal wins the title and shock the world.

When the match started at the first half both teams played in attack mode and tries shoot one after another ball into the net of opposite team but both teams are full in form and their spirits are on the peak that they wants that winning trophy in this at first half both teams are unable to perform any goal.

In the ending moments of first half of the match Cristiano Ronaldo is injured and team went into a shock that their caption is injured and not able to continue the match but Cristiano Ronaldo is sporting his team from the corner of the ground along with other team members.

In the second half France continue to play in attack mode but Portugal change its game plain and start playing in the defense mode and stop all the attacks done by the France to win the champion’s trophy when the second half is finished the score of both of the teams is zero and according to rules the match is finished.

But till now there is no clear winner so both of the teams are awarded with extra time to do something in this extra time Portugal successfully done a goal and wins the trophy of EURO Football Cup 2016 and shows that through great struggle everyone can do anything.