Tuesday, November 21, 2017

British Government Overruled The Indian’s Online Petition Against Pakistan

The British government has rejected the online petition from Indian government against Pakistan by putting allegation of providing the safe shelter for terrorist but...

Russia Placed S-300 Missiles in Syria After Learning of US Plan to Bomb Airbases

Russia has taken a new strategic measure of deploying its S-300 missile defense system to the Tartus naval base in Syria. This move, during...

Russia Sends Missile System To Its Naval Base In Syrian Port Of Tartus

The Russian government sends advanced missile system to its naval base in Syrian’s port of Tartus on Tuesday as the rife between super power...

Anti-Coup Crackdown: Turkey Suspended More Than 12,000 Suspected Police Cops

The 12th President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s government has been extended for the country’s state of emergency for three months as well as...

A New Born Baby Girl Found In Suitcase Of German Women, Police Arrested

The German Police has arrested German based women, after a new born baby girl if founded in her suitcase at her home where she...

Burqa Ban: Bulgarian Parliament Has Approved Ban On Wearing Face-Covering Cloth In Public Places

Bulgarian parliament has approved a controversial bill to ruin the religious freedom for Muslims as the lawmakers passed the legislation not to wear Islamic...

Philippines President Unleashed Fierce Attack On Hypocritical European Union

After an aggressive attack on American President, Philippines President launched an expletive-laden attack on hypocritical European Union as Mr. President has aimed for a...

Vladimir Putin Ruling Party Affirmed To Expands The Control Of Parliament Again

President of Russia won all the results that He wants in the Parliament of his country Russia as He continued to support the leading...

Polish Man Raped Woman While Filming It To His Phone And Jailed

Birmingham: A man broke in to the house of woman for filmed himself raping with woman but he is caught and got jail for...

Body Of The Dead Woman Discovered After 40 Years In Germany Attic

As unusual discovery in Germany, Body of dead woman found which was missed 40 years ago from an attic of a house being renovated...

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