Ex-Wife Sussanne Khan Comes Close To Hrithik Roshan On Special Event


Bollywood Star Hrithik Roshan and his ex-wife Sussanne Khan seems to come close at a special event that is HRIDHAAN’S after divorce since from November 2014, although it was alleged that Sussanne Khan might have reconciliation with Hrithik Roshan.


Sussanne Khan who tied in a knot with Bollywood renowned star Hrithik Roshan in December 2000, but the couple decided to separate after their 13 years of marriage in December 2013 while their divorce officially finalized in Family Court of Bandra in November 2014.

The reason behind the divorce come to light, it was speculated that the ex-wife of “Dhoom 2” star found interest in Rock on Star Arjun Rampal, Sussanne Khan had two child with from Hrithik.

Bollywood star still flaunting his marital status as Single but he may be going from horrwoing time courtesy due to the bitter fight with Kangana Ranaut.


Since after November 2014, Hrithik Roshan and ex-wife Sussanne Khan reduced space on a Special celebration event. According to the report it was the Birthday Bash of their mutual friend Hridhaan, all of was treated each other like family and also go for at dinner Santa Cruz RESTAURANT.

The story become twister when the rumor found Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan together with their children yesterday, the whole family spotted together to lunch together at SoBo Restaurant. Hrehaan, who is only 10 years in age and Hridhan who is 8 years old spent happiest moment of togetherness.


Sorces told, it was suspected to be the birthday of Hridhaan yesterday, that was the reason behind the lunch together, and perhaps it was the first time after their official commitment of divorce both hung out with their kids. Ex-wife look comfortable with Hrithik and her expression express her happiness among all her family.