Explosive Truck Crash In Bagram Air Base, Logistics Commander And 3 Taliban Killed


KABUL: Logistics Commander of foreign Military Troops at Afghanistan’s capital Kabul was killed by Taliban in the Bagram Air Base along with three militants.


Bagram Air Base is under use of Foreign Military troops which are helping the Afghan Forces to free their land from the rule Taliban and this brotherhood of different forces really teasing Taliban that now Taliban are not allow to move freely in Afghanistan hunt against this terrorist group is open now.

In reaction of these Military activities Taliban commanders decided to drop down the Logistics Commander of Foreign force in result of this Taliban plain tow of the most obedient militant soldiers are chosen by the commanders to perform thin operation.

These two Taliban Soldiers drive a truck full of explosive material and entered in to the Bagram air base their these soldiers crash that truck at the front of door of a quarter and in that quarter that Logistics Commander is resting who is on the target of Taliban.

In result of this crash Taliban’s Soldiers along with that Logistics Commander killed on the spot after that a shooting started between the Military Troops and Taliban in result of this fighting session not even a single military soldier is dead or injured but on the other side more 3 Taliban soldiers are killed by Military Troops.

After this attack Afghan Government takes action and provide extra security to the foreigners living in Afghanistan as there is now a big life threat to the foreigners because these foreigners are helping a lot to Afghanistan to kill the Taliban.

In result of this united operations of Afghan and Foreign Military Troops Taliban are forced to leave the some piece of land as in past 70% of Afghanistan is under Taliban but they have only 65%.