Fake ‘IS Pirate Raid’ Stunt Freaks Out Cannes Film Festival 2016 Guests


Fox News Company’s PR stunt causes panic at the exclusive hotel where international movie celebrities gathered, Cannes Film Festival guests were scare almost to death when A French Internet Company directed fake Islamic State combatants on Friday.


A French Internet Start-up company had hired fake looking Islamic State commanders and directed toward the historic celebrity filled hotel near the Cannes Film Festival 2016, causes a enormous panic as much the international movie celebrities almost to death, Fake Islamic States commanders make a sea landing at celebrity filled French Riviera Resort as part of PR stunt.

According to RT online five-star Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc’s guests revealed that before docking at resort harbor, the hired fake commandos that dressed like “Islamic State” combatants and flying a flag of “Islamic State” Jihadist approached at hotel on speed boat.

Several Hollywood stars and other VIP guests at the ocean side of the hotel were scared almost to death by a failed PT stunt, when resembling Islamic state terrorist men landed at the hotel by a speed boat.

A French Internet Start-up company who had hired the fake “Islamic State” looking commandos has apologized for the fake failed PR Stunt by saying; indeed it had not to scare the people. American publicist J.R. Savet told the Hollywood Reporter that as nobody knew it was stunt or not, someone screamed and other people jumped out of their chair and quickly moving towards the swimming pool to save their lives.

After fake stunt, police explained the whole incident that the speed boat and the fake commandos all are the part of PR campaign handled by Paris based internet start-up company Oraxy but the Cannes Film Festival security is highly alerted due to the high terror of any unpleasant activity.

Therefore, thousands of security officials and police has deployed in the whole city while snipers also posted on the rooftops.