Famous Seven Bahamas’ Swimming Pigs Dead: Mystery


Seven swimming pigs have died unfortunately after so many years of insubstantial regulation in big major Cay in Bahamas.

According to the guardian, that these seven swimming pigs were from strong herd of 22 wild pigs and now from 22 only 15 are leftwhich are safe and sound and healthy. These pigs were showed to Big Major Cay about 30 years ago.

Pig Beach or Big Major Spot is the second name of Big Major Cay.

This Spot got publicity from the time when celebrities started sharing photos of their vacations on this spot and since from then this place became attraction of thousands of hordes of tourists.

Free ranging pigs on this Island have been visited by some famous notable names such as Bella Thorne, Donald Trump Jr and Amy Schumer.

From White Bay Cay, which is another famous Island in Bahamas, it is reported that animals on that spot are not affected at all and are healthy. This Island is 60 miles away from Big Major Cay Bahamas; this Island is nearby to Great Exuma Island.

Pigs on Big Major Cay were fed with intoxicated food and this is the reason they have lost their lives.

Pigs on Big Major Cay always become friends with the tourists and they masticate any type of food which tourists offer to them and they always chase tourists and remain Idle In the days by swimming in the sea.

Alluring life of these pigs became the reason of their death indeed.

Wade Nixon, Guardian of Big Major Cay told that pigs were poisoned and this is the reason of their death.

He added that invasion of many tourists have created a problem for them.

Bahamas Minister of Marine Resources and Agriculture, Alfred Grey, said that after this demise of pigs they are going to create boundary walls around the pigs after that tourists will be able to click photographs but they wouldn’t be able to feed pigs.