Fan Movie Review: Shah Rukh Khan As Gaurav And Aryan Khanna Rocked Like A Pro


Double role of Shah Rukh Khan hit the screens, SRK played amazing role as Gaurav but outshines in Role of Aryan Khanna that why SRK’s movie Fan took a heavy start in box office.

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Fan is an amazing thriller Indian movie featured by Biggest Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan who is known as King Khan of Bollywood industry, played numerous roles in his career but the character role played in ‘Fan’ is stunning that’s why SRK also known as Badshah of Bollywood industry.

Fan goes the fans of Shah Rukh Khan crazy with his acting as well as with his style, SRK’s Fan directed by a famous director Maneesh Sharma while the production taken by Aditya Chopra under the banner of collective super hit movie banner Yash Raj Films. Legendry SRK played dual role as Aryan Khanna who is a star and as Gaurav Chandna who is a fan of the star.

The whole movie is about an obsessive fan of the Star who looks same as star, Gaurav Chandna is a Delhi boy who is a obsessive fan of Bollywood star Aryan Khanna as Super star Aryan Khanna (Shah Rukh Khan) is from Delhi and started his Bollywood hit career through Mumbai.

the fan like to do so when Gaurav Chandna wins the local competition and a 20,000 of cash prize he dedicated his trophy to his star Aryan Khanna on his birthday, later Gaurav see his star and requested him to meet only for five minutes but the star refused and orders the security to beat him.

Through this kind of misbehavior from Gaurav decided to teach a lesson but at the end Aryan ask him to doing these crimes and he should have to make his own identity instead of wearing other one, Gaurave blames Aryan for destroying his life and jumped to death.

However, movie budget is $15 million and had been release on 15 April but the movie earned $17 million only in few days.