Fast And Furious 8 Latest Photo Dwayne Johnson In Prisoner Suit


Dwayne The Rock Johnson shares his latest picture from the set of Fast and Furious 8 in this picture he Dwayne Johnson is cuffed in chains wearing orange color prisoner jump suit along with the back ground of Prison.

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this is the most recent picture shared by the Dwayne Johnson from the set of Fast and Furious 8.

This prison used in the back ground of Dwayne Johnson’s picture is special type of prison used for the most dangerous prisoners of the state this image of Dwayne Johnson really shock the fans that the role of Dwayne Johnson is of FBI agent and he himself arrested by the security agencies this picture really turns the concept of story of Fast and Furious 8 in the minds of fans.

After seeing this picture fans goes mad and curious to know about that what happens with agent Hobbes that he appears in orange prisoner suit along with chain cuffs.

There is an idea that story of agent Hobbes relates with the story of Bryan o Corner that he joins the crime line to help his friend and so called family of Dominic Toretto and lefts his job of FBI.

This concept got weight because in all the series of Fast and Furious in which Dwayne Johnson includes he helps the Dominic Toretto family to exit safely from all the situations.

Also goes out from the ways of laws to help his friends. There is also a possibly that he is pretending to be a prisoner to achieve the goal or hunts down the target.

But the suspense is still going on that whit is the real story behind this picture of Dwayne Johnson which will revile on April 14 2017 when this film hits the cinemas of the world.