Fast and Furious 8 Review, Update, Latest News, Release Date, Dominic Toretto Riding Signature Car?


Gang of Fast and Furious is set back together to hit the platform of Universal Pictures with the latest sequel of Fast and Furious series which is Fast 8 before its release this film is disused on social media and also on other advertisement sites like one of the most favorite topic of public.


Few days later producer and actor of film Vin Diesel along with the director of the film F. Gray uploaded a video in which these two are sharing the behind the scene moments which are one of the most amazing moments and just in 5 days this video gets 16,707 views this huge amount of views show the madness spread by this film in public.

Next year Fast and Furious is coming with the latest cars and one of the most modified cars are introduced in this film in the history of auto mobiles, this level of modification and breath holding stunts explosions are the beauty of this film.

This year for the first time in history team Fast and Furious using the ice lands this idea of shooting in ice land holds the breath of whole team because they are not going to just shoot the simply running cars in ice they are going to add stunts huge amount of explosives with eye popping stunts.

Along with all these efforts the big question is that Dominic Toretto will ride its signature car or not which is classical American Muscle Dodge Charger or not as in the slits of ice land shooting it seems like that he is driving its Dodge Charger.

But the big engine and broad wheels are missing might be this time he is going to rid the Ice Charger which is modified in a very different way according to the icy roads.

Fast and Furious is going to hit the cinemas of world on April 14, 2017.