Fawad Khan And Sadaf Khan Blessed For The Second Time, Blessed With A Baby Girl


The Pakistani handsome heartthrob Fawad Khan became father once again as Sadaf Khan and Fawad Khan blessed with a baby girl amid the controversy of being banned in Indian Films and MNS threat.


The managers of Pakistani actor Fawad Afzal khan has confirmed he becomes father once again after Ayaan as his gorgeous wife delivered a baby girl with the blessing of God late on Tuesday night.

The rising controversies of Pakistani super stars with Bollywood industry although disappointed and worried Fawad Khan, but the good news has given another happiest cheering moment to Fawad because he becomes father of a new born baby girl as well after a long time.

It is a proud moment for Fawad khan and have to thanked Allah Almighty who gave him a cute baby girl amid all escalating threaten and worries.


Fawad Khan’s wife delivered a baby girl in a hospital of city of light (Karachi) where his managers Hassan Khalid has personally confirmed the news in front of Pakistani Media.

The manager also revealed about the health of mother and baby girl as well by stating the mother and the new born baby girl is quite healthy and Pakistani handsome hunk Fawad Khan is along with her wife Sadaf and baby girl.


In recent weeks, the environment between India and Pakistan was not good and still not establish the major impact was put on Pakistani actors after the Uri attack in Kashmir that carried out with the casualties of 18 Indian Soldiers.

The extremist party of India MNS has threatened the Pakistani stars, if they do not go to back to home land they will attack on them, before the situation gone on uncontrolled situation Pakistan called all of its actors to come back home.