Fear of fresh violence is expected in Gaza protest


Palestinians made preparations for new protest on Gaza Israel borders on Thursday. However the Israeli forces have warned them saying that their Open Fire policy will not change. This has given rise to fear of fresh violence after last week’s bloody incident.

Fear of fresh violence is expected in Gaza protest

Thousands of protestors are again gathering on five spots near Gaza borders this Friday. Israeli soldiers and snipers have already prepared their positions on side of Israeli fence.

Organizers of protest clam that they eve n tried to stop those small numbers of violent protestors who were invading the fence by throwing stones and hurling fiery tires at Israeli forces.

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It is the first ever bloodiest incident since 2014’s war.

Protest is in support for those refugees who are living in Palestine but want to return to their rightful land which is now called Israel.

The fear has risen by multiple folds after social media news that protestors are asking for more tires to be burnt and thrown at fence while Israeli forces making pledges that they will not let protestors invade and breach the border fences at all cost.

Young Palestinian protestors have already been gathering tires near the border in a plan to burn them during protest to create a smoke screen barrier that will make it much harder for Israeli snipers to target anyone.

Israeli Defense Minister, Avigdor Lieberman has made a public vow that open fie rule will remain unchanged during this protest. He also made statement on public radio saying,

“That if provoked, we will reply with force of hardest kind just like last week”.

Lieberman has also made visits to Israeli military chief of Staff, Gadi Eisenkot for discussion of the situation on the border.

Un Envoy ah as asked for peaceful demonstration  from Palestinian protestors and restrain of force from Israeli forces. The envoy also said that Israeli forces should maintain maximum restraint during this protest while protestors should also avoid friction on Gaza fence.


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