Female Suicide Bombers Hit North-Eastern Nigerian Town, 13 Killed


A person at the scene says almost 4 female suicide bombers made a blast when troops are making search operation for the purpose of getting a hijab covered woman in Nigerian town in which 13 people departed from that life and more than 30 took serious wounds.


According to witnesses, many Muslim countries are facing the problem of civil war between terrorists and forces and took lot of loss on very next day.

Four women suicide bombers occurred in a market held in Nigeria and introduced harsh explosion in which 13 innocent people killed on the spot and 30 got solemn sores.

Famous militant groups Al-Qaeda and ISIS also introduced lot of terror attacks in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan in which thousands people martyred and many were damaged for remaining whole life. When many soldiers want to chase an unknown hijab sheltered female personality then a big blast held in Nigerian town.

A man at scene told about all loss in result of that detonation in which 13 people killed and more than 30 faced serious injuries. A community leader of Nigerian town says militants want to destroy the peaceful environment of our country but security forces also able to control these aggressive groups.

Recently, a wave of suicide attacks introduced by terrorists in Maiduguri and Madagali, Nigeria in which almost 50 people martyred and above hundred got serious injuries and shifted to hospital.

Government also tries to control these cruel explosions but any type of big success in shape of arresting any militant’s leadership who increased terrorism in that Muslim country.

People and authorities blamed to Boko Haram Islamic extremists who captured almost 300 schoolgirls in 2014 and 220 students also missing till now and any type of proof about final hide sources of terrorists in Nigeria.