Fifa 17 Reviews: The “EA Sports” Tracking To A New Engine For New Mode “The Journey”


The EA Sports have switched to a brand new mode to The Journey, not the destination in record breaking Fifa 17 however; the world most popular football game introduced more significant game play changes.

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The one thing that might be accused the EA Sports is giving a tremendous features and will be keeping on in Fifa 17; the developers have dropped a new console generation.

The Fifa 17 is the first football association video game in the FIFA series that switched to Frostbite game engine as the demo was released for Xbox One and Microsoft Window’s origin on 22 September this year.

The game that have second transitional title in four year is impressively completed the major transition without minor difference in presentation and overall features compared to how Fifa players plays.

There might be issues with animation but the players the rate of stutter and drop is 30 frames per second which quite stunning.

The EA sports however adopted a brand new Frostbite engine achieved cusp of fame by releasing a previous game within a year and difference reduced to become unnoticeable.

The brand new mode in Fifa 17 “The Journey” is completely about the progression of Alex Hunter, this marked an impact when you play in team rather than to play individually as Alex Hunter although the EA Sports has kept their focus still on Alex Hunter.

The journey is not only a new achievement for the developers but also the way to the less experience players can spark their skill before to dive in the world of online playing.

For those who don’t much understand football, The Journey is the best mode for them to become skilled and the Game is supportable to Xbox One, PS4 and Microsoft Windows consoles, the Fifa series game will available in North America on 27 September while released for the rest of globe on 29 September 2016.