Filipino Sexy Actress Krista Miller Has Been Nabbed In Anti-Drug Operation


A Filipino sexiest actress Krista Miller busted by police for illegal anti-drug operation red-handed when Filipino police raided on illegal drug center in Valenzuela city that is eight mile far away from the north Capital of Philippines, Manila.


The sexy starlet of Filipino Krista Miller has nabbed in an anti-drug operation at an illegal center, the actress has arrested red-handed when police of Quezon City Police District (QCPD) raided on 30 September, the actress nabbed along with her partner named as Aaron Medina.

A policewoman has escorted after Quezon City Police arrested the suspects in an anti-drug operation on Friday.

The sexy American television comedy actress was already linked with a controversial issue of being convicted of drug but now the controversy has expanded as she has busted in anti-drug operation by Police.

The director senior supt. of Quezon City Police District (QCPD) Guillermo Eleazar has reported about the whole raids of the weekend, Krista Miller whose real name is Kristalyn Engle was arrested but at same time Liaa Alelin Bolla and other popular model of famous men’s magazines Jeramie Padolina also nabbed in separate police raid however, Krista Miller was caught on illegal scene with partner Aaron Medina.

The Quezon City Police District (QCPD) has geared up their operations in the whole city as well as in districts, the QCPD had raided on Friday night on an illegal anti-drugs Division nabbed Bolla, Padolina and other three male suspects in the busted operation along with A. Luna St. in a village of Barangay and in project 4 Bagumbuhay also nabbed in Quezon city.

The Police of Quezon City has revealed the starlet Krista Miller was caught trying to sell ₱ 3,000 of shabu to a law enforcement official as she posed to be a buyer.