First Sexually-Transmitted Zika Virus Case Confirmed By Canada In Ontario


Chief Public Health officer of Canada’s Public Health Agency confirmed on Monday the first case of sexually-transmitted infection after the testing at National Microbiology Laboratory.


Zika virus is a well-known fever cause by a virus transmitted to Aedes Mosquitoes, it is an emerging mosquito-borne virus first identified in rhesus monkeys in Zika forest in Uganda, as this virus firstly came from Zika forest so spread all around as zika virus, zika virus is related with some other viruses that include dengue, west nile, Japanese encephalitis and yellow virus.

People who affected by zika virus show incredible symptoms like muscle and joint pain, conjunctivitis, skin rash as well as mild fever.

According to Xinhua news agency, Canada has confirmed the first sexually-transmitted case of Zika virus in Ontario resident whose partner has been infected after travelling to an infected country, although the virus has been detected but the investigations are still continue. However, the identity of the infected person not disclosed right now.

55 Canadians has been confirmed to have the infection of Zika virus altogether in which 2 pregnant ladies also included from British Columbia, all of whom were infected travel to that specific region where this disease is spreading. The main way of entering Zika Virus is Bites of infected mosquitoes but grow number of cases in whole world through the sexual transmition.

The virus emerged last year in Brazil and latter in 42 other countries including Latin and America. According to the reports, evidence has been suggested that the virus can live in the semen or may present in the semen for a specific period of almost two weeks.

there are around 5.5 million Canadians who traveling to other countries every years so it is expecting to see more sexually-transmitted cases latter in any of the country across the whole globe.