First Successful Ceasefire in 5-Year Civil War in Syria, Coming into Effect


An implementation of the first major ceasefire in the Syrian over the past five-year civil has been started successfully as temporary break in hostilities began at midnight (22:00 GMT Friday).


Everything is appearing according to the approved ceasefire an agreement which was signed among the all powers in Syria as well as its alliance Russia and United States.

From every side in Syria, peace is being reported by the reporters of international news agencies even most regions of western of country are reported to be calm and quiet.

On the other hand, United States President Barack Obama has warned its alliance Russia as well as Syrian regime to avoid violence as world will be keeping an eye on cessation of hostilities.

United Nation Syria representative Staffan de Mistura said regarding ongoing temporary truce, the break in hostilities seems to be blessing by God for the Syrian citizens who were praying for this since previous five years and finally it works as everyone feeling free in the country.

Damascus and its partner Russia both and their enemy Islamist militant organizations in Syria, all are performing calm behavior in every region of the country so far.

However, the partial truce doesn’t apply to other Syria based Islamist organizations such as al Qaeda affiliate the Nusra Front and brutal Islamic State as Syrian regime alongside its ally Moscow both have announced that they will be fighting against the fighter groups if they violate the ceasefire.

The rebels have also been showing responsible behavior by following the approved temporary truce in the country since it was launched on Friday.

Nusra Front is actually one of most dominant Islamist militant organizations in Syria, have advised its fighters on Friday to raise attacks on President Bashar al-Assad and his allies whereas there were no causalities as well clashes reported yet.