First Zika Virus Case Confirmed In Singapore, What Is Zika Virus?


For the first time in history of Singapore Zika Virus is detected in a civilian, that zika virus affected girl is a worker in city state and she is not badly affected she is well and recovering regularly.


A Malaysian lady of 47 years old is detected with Zika Virus in Singapore but it is very shocking that it is for the first time that a local woman of Singapore is infected with the virus as the virus is not found in this region.

The case of this 47 years old women is the first case of Zika Virus as according to the research of different organizations that this Zika virus is liked with Brazil and this virus is also liked with microscopically.

This microcephaly is a disease in which a child born with a small head and the brain of that child don’t grow full with the passage of time and this is a common problem in the Brazil.

Further Zika Virus is a member of Flaviviridae Virus Family and this virus is entered into the a human body through mosquitoes in day time this virus is called Zika as this virus was first found in Zika forest in 1947.

This virus is similar to the other viruses inserted into the human body by mosquitoes such as West Nile, dengue, Japanese encephalitis and yellow fever.

Further Singapore government is taking strong measures to control this virus here as the reports of this 47 year old lady are all positive but due to excellent treatment she is recovering through her disease as Singapore is one of world strongest economy.

on daily bases foreigners visits here so might be there are chances that the virus is entered in this region through a foreigner the local region of Zika virus is a narrow belt between Africa and Asia.