Flight MH370: Confusion Surrounding The Discovery Of New Aircraft Debris In Reunion


The Kuala Lumpur authorities stated that new elements from a plane had been found by a Malaysian team in Reunion. For their part, French investigators say ignore this new discovery.


The French judicial authorities “have not to date received new aircraft debris,” he assured, Thursday, August 6, a judicial source told, while the Malaysian authorities claim to have found the seat cushions and portholes .

Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai, said earlier that new evidence from a plane were discovered last week by a Malaysian team, adding that he was particularly seat cushions and windows. The minister added that the French authorities should check if these parts were from a Boeing 777, the type of device that connected Kuala Lumpur to Beijing March 8, 2014.

Do not hiding his surprise at the statement by Liow Tiong Lai, one French source close to the investigation claimed not to be aware that Malaysian experts on the island after the discovery of flaperon and gone “for a few days “have been able to leave a meeting, carrying objects of interest to the survey.

This new discovery comes after the announcement by the Malaysian government that the wing fragment found on the French island and being reviewed by a group of international experts in Toulouse came from the good of Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft , disappeared 17 months ago shortly after taking off from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

The Paris prosecutor’s office, which is also investigating this disappearance because four victims are French, was more cautious, citing “very strong evidence” that the debris comes from the Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines.

The announcement of the breakthrough in the investigation was not sufficient to allay some victims’ families sometimes angry, which require 17 months to know the fate of their relatives. “I do not believe these latest information about the plane, they are lying to us since the beginning,” he told China’s Zhang Yongli, whose daughter was on board.

Relatives of victims have reacted with anger and disbelief. Emotions ran high among the dozen relatives gathered outside the offices of the Malaysian airline to Beijing.

Since the disappearance of the unit, family Kuala Lumpur passengers accuse their hiding the truth. “I do not believe any of the information from the Malaysian government,” said Liu Kun who regrets never having had access neither to data on safety Kuala Lumpur airport or the videos showing boarding the flight MH370. ”

Jacquita Gonzales, whose husband was one of the crew members, called for more explanation: “Now I want to know where the cabin of the aircraft so that we can extract the passengers and get the box black so what happened. Only that, for us, will put an end “to this case, has she said.

Thursday morning, experts and investigators took over in a military laboratory near Toulouse examining the wing fragment found in Reunion. After demonstrating this almost certain connection with the Boeing ensuring flight MH370, expertise will now work to discover clues about the causes of the accident. The plane he was destroyed in flight or is it disintegrated by hitting the surface of the ocean?

Gerry Soejatman, an expert told, identifying the aircraft debris represents real progress. “People want all the answers but let’s be realistic. We should be pleased to have finally found something. Now we know approximately where the plane is probably fell,” he has observed. “And it answers many questions. This eliminates the conspiracy theories.”

The disappearance of the Malaysian aircraft in March 2014 is one of the greatest mysteries of civil aviation. Colossal search operations were launched and hypotheses and conspiracy theories of all kinds had been issued.