Flood Streams Flowing in China destroying everything, 200 dead, 130 Missing


BEIJING: Torrential rain is falling in China from this Monday due to this rain flood streams starts flowing in most of the part of China and land sliding is also taking place in different parts of the country this cause a lot of destruction more than 200 peoples are killed and more than 130 are missing.


Rain is falling in China from Monday and this rain turned into storm this Torrential rain soon tuned into flood streams and this flood takes place in the northern portion of China as China’s province Hebei is most effective portion of China.

In result of this flood and land sliding 72 citizens have lost their life along with these dead peoples more than 80 people are missing, this gigantic flood break down round about 50 thousand houses and in East hnyan due to rain more 15 bodies are recovered.

Reports of 15 missing people are registered along with these people 200 are killed by flood and 130 are missing more than 300,000 people have been evacuated.

According to government estimate of agriculture loss is that round about fields and crops in 15 million hectares are completely destroyed this cause a great loss of agriculture in China, now the rescue operations are stared on different levels to save the alive people.

Supplies of electricity as well as other ways of connections are completely destroyed and government of China is providing tents rain boots blankets along with preserved food to the survivors to, during this flood most of the citizens come on the road.

because their each and everything flows with the flood just because of lack of warning if they are warned full that flood is coming so they can saves the lives of many people as well as their materialistic things.

Xingtai Mayor Dong Xiaoyu made a public apologize through media by bowing down and said that it was totally their fault that they underestimated the danger of flood and on time they are unable to perform any action for the safety but now the rescue operations are started and they are trying to save peoples as much as they can.