Flooding Hits Central Vietnam Ahead Of Typhoon Sarika


The deadly flood has battered Vietnam left nearly 24 people dead while a lot more missing but the Typhoon Sarika will hit four more provinces, officials reported the situation could be worsen as the Typhoon Sarika is powerful enough.


The deadly Typhoon Sarika is in South China Sea and the threat of damaging more provinces also revealed, recent worst situation noticed in northern area of Philippines where it cause the heavy and massive landfall early on Sunday Morning while it already damaged a lot in Vietnam where 24 people reportedly killed and a large number of residencies are missing.

The government officials said on Monday, the root cause severe flooding in Vietnam is the heavy rain by which a powerful Typhoon Sarika geared up, the intense Typhoon barrels towards four central provinces in Philippines.

The death toll counted at least 24 people in Vietnam while numerous are missing due the heavy rain that triggered the Typhoon Sarika.

The Disaster Management official highly alerted neighbor provinces residential as the situation could worsen.

Quang Binh is considering the worst affected province where at least 18 people have been killed and still authorities are searching for three missing people as well from that area.

However, the official authorities also revealed the crops in the area badly destroyed and the livestock have been washed away.

The Disaster management official person Tran Le Dang Hung said, “We are worried” he added, “We have instructed district governments to outline plans for evacuating people from high-risk areas to cope with the Typhoon,”

The heavy rain of 90 centimeters on Friday and Saturday has submerged 125,000 homes in the whole region along with livestock, damaged crops, infrastructure and fish farms as well.