Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy Indicted For Illegal Funding For Election Campaign


Paris: French Attorney General announced that former president Nicolas Sarkozy has been accused of illegal staying of regular funding for his Campaign of Election in 2012, He Exceed the limit of 2.25 Crore Euros.


It is announced by the French Attorney General that the Former French President Nicolas Sarkozr Exceeded the Limit of funding for the campaign in Elections 2012, the limit of funding was not more than 2.25 Crore Euros but he exceeded this limit.

According to the French media reports that the Former President Nikolas Sarkozy appeared before the investigation judge of the conservative Head of the Republican Party to face the Charges of Illegal funding for the Campaign of Election.

On this Occasion, the Court imposed the candidate to exceed the limit of funding for the Election campaign in 2012 and the Investigator Judge of the Court Questioned from the Former President for whole day in the Court and said that more than 2.25 crore Euros exceed the limit that is maintained by the Election Commission Authority of the France.

According to the attorney General of franc Nicolas Sarkozy has also the charge of illegal documents and hurting the trust of the people. Remember that the Former President Nicolas Sarkozy has faced several charges during to his presidential era, in which he has the charge of corruption and illegal documents and also to obtain confidential information from the judge in 2014.

From the Judge that the money is the funding from the Libya and after the investigation and Questioning from the Former President, He is now at the Police Headquarter. A person from his Party that is former minister said that it is very important to show light on the on the case as early as possible. The Investigation team also got the mobile phone of Former President for the Investigation.