Former President Of United States George H.W Bush Says He Will Vote For Hillary Clinton


On Monday Former President of United States of America Senior George Bush said that in November in Presidential elections he will absolutely vote for the Hilary Clinton, according to sources of 41st president.


According to very close sources of 41st and former president of United States of America George H.W Bush that he will no doubt vote for Hilary Clinton in Presidential Election in November this year because she is rebuke of his own party nominee as this is not first time when former president disclosed his attention for Hillary of his vote.

He said this when he came to receive line for the board members of bipartisan Points of Light Foundation so at this time there were only 40 people in the room and there is no confirmation how many people heard this announcement of former president but many of the sources has told about the confirmation of this news.

As it is also told that his party is in the right of Hillary Clinton so according to analysts that this is good move by them when only 49 days left in the General elections.

So it is great to here that he will vote for that lady whose husband knocked him out of race so he said that this is primary bruising so there are large numbers of hurt feelings so news of his support of Hillary first of all came on the facebook when Kennedy Townsend posted photo with H.W Bush and also gave status former president confirmed about his vote of Hillary Clinton.

But the family members of Bush decline about this news public as President will have to cast vote as a private citizen of his country so according to sources it is been asked that it is really disappointed that Kennedy Townsend has shared this in public.