Former San Francisco Police Officer Relieved From Post As He Release E-Mails Based On Racism


American top police officer sent homophobic and racist text messages are coming to light now, a news agency CNN released the list of ongoing matter of that allegedly sent from former San Francisco Officer Jason Lai.


Los Angeles: United States’ top cop resigned from his post as the police official sent homophobic and racist messaged against Muslims, Black Americans and women.

San Francisco Public Defender released a statement, “In the messages, which are rife with racial and sexual slurs, Lai compares black people to ‘barbarians’ and ‘a pack of wild animals on the loose.’ He also allegedly used a Cantonese slur for blacks, Lai states ‘Bunch of hock gwais shooting each other. Too bad none of them died. One less to worry about.”

Dozens of messages obtained by CNN, however the messages list is not still complete but the text from Former Francisco Police officer Jason Rai are the center of the ongoing scandal of homophobic and tacist emails that draws after the intense scrutiny.

Jason Lai who was working as American’s top cop resigned after the following text exploded on surface in earlier of the month.

The first one text obtained by CNN is “I hate that Banner” one word demonstrate “I thought the nig is worse” while the second homophobic text proclaims “The Indian ppl are disgusting”, CNN received text included one more by former Francisco public defender “Burn down walgreens and kill the bums.” However the text revealed by CNN contained offensive language.

American’s cop acknowledged that he released racist emails and text about Muslims, Black Americans and women however, Los Angeles Times acquired these text emails copies that depicts that he released an email abut terrorist attack on Jan 7, 2012 in which he attributed the attack as the action of Muslims.