France Wins EURO 2016 Opening game By 2 Goals against Romania


In EURO 2016 a match was played between France and Romania this is a very confusing match both of the teams are fighting head to head in first half both of the teams have done 1 goal on each side after that the match was stuck badly.


This match was played under the great pressure as the stadium was surrounded by thousands of police officers because the government doesn’t want to take any risk as everyone was scared from the attack of November 13 done in Paris where round about 130 peoples were killed in that attack.

Now everything was coming back to normal but that attack was in people mind and everyone wants safety that’s why the ground was surrounded by thousands of guardians to protect the lives of players and the viewers.

This extra safety puts players in mental stress that it might be their last match that’s why they all were unable to do a strong game but both the teams are trying their level best to defeat each other.

The total game was of 90 minutes but in the 89th minute the match was seen like that it’s going to be a draw and audience was latterly biting their nails that what was going to be happen in this match.

Paul Pogba changes the match he is player wearing shirt of 8 number hits the ball outside the dee than ball was direct into the goal and then the whistle of referee was heard that match was over and France wins the match by 2 goals.

The crowd went crazy and shocked that France wins the league last France wins the League in 1984 than France become a winner in 2016 this year France wins 6 matches in EURO and carry the trophy to their home.