French Court Remove Ban Over Burqini As Its Against Basic Human Rights


PARIS: French Government removes Ban on Burqini on Friday as Mayors of Different States as well as the organization of Human Rights take stands on this decision and presents an application in High Court of France.


In Past the Government of France put Ban on Burqini that women on different beaches of France are not allowed to wear Burqini as this ban put a bad impression on other public and after few clashes and terrorist activities performed by Muslims now people of France get scared from Muslims.

After observing all these things the government put ban over Burqini so there will be no difference between Muslims or other people and when this ban was imposed special unit of police is imposed on beaches and the duty of this group is that if they see any girl in Burqini they force her to take off her Burqini.

After seeing all this condition organization of Human Rights appeals in High Court that this Ban is totally against the rule of Human Rights as according to the rules of Human Rights all men and women are equal and they have total right to show off their religion.

On the other side the Mayors of Different States also take stand on this Ban and requested the court to remove this Ban and said that, yes all terrorist are Muslims but all the Muslims are not terrorist on the other side in past also some Terrorist attacks done by Muslims like Nice attack.

But Court after seeing all the objections and legal points the Court of France remove this ban and said that now all the Muslims as well as other people are allowed to wear Burqini and this Ban is removed from all the 30 states of France.