French Montana Net Worth: How Rich is French Montana?


Karim Kharbouch is famously known by his stage name French Montana. He was born in Morocco and moved to US with his family at the age of 13. He was raised at his family estate which is located near Casablanca. His childhood hobbies included rapping and watching soccer. He played basketball in his teenage years as well. He shifted his base to South Bronx where he lived with his father, mother and a younger brother Zack. His family struggled for two years after moving back to New York City which ultimately prompted his father to move back to Casablanca. His mother decided to stay in South Bronx along with her three kids. She was expected with her third child at the time his father left them. His family had to depend on welfare support. This situation urged French Montana to earn for a living. He managed to make earnings in his career as a rap artist and now French Montana net worth is $8 million.


  • Date of Birth: November 9, 1984
  • Age: 32
  • Profession: Rapper, song writer
  • Spouse: Deen Kharbouch (Ex-wife)
  • Children: 1

Journey to Stardom:

His amateur name was Young French which he named after jumping into battle rap in his teenage years. He along with his friend Cams made a series of street DVDs by the name of Cocaine City in 2002. The DVDs were comprised of famous interviews of famous personalities, rappers and music artists. He made various collaborations with several music artists like Pee Wee Kirkland and Remy Ma. The DVDs featured his original songs as well and was well received by the audience. French Montana net worth began to build up slowly and steadily. In 2007, he released his debut mix tape by the name of “French Revolution Vol. 1”. His first underground song was “Straight Cash”. He released another mix tape along with his fellow rap artist Max B by the name of “Coke Wave”. He then released his forth mix tape in 2009 famously titled “The Laundry Man”. French and his association with Max B did not go down well with another rap artist Jim Jones and he used his influences to stop the coverage of Montana’s interviews by the media. French Montana net worth had been upped since his 14 volumes of Cocaine City. He has garnered huge fan base in the underground scene. His career took a huge leap when he got signed on by Akon’s label Konvict Muzik in 2009. The contract was terminated after two years because nothing came out worthy of applause so after two years he signed Diddy’s label Bad Boy Records. He released his first album in 2013 titled “Excuse My French”.

Trivia about French Montana:

  • In 2003, Montana was shot in the head by two gunmen when he was leaving a recording studio in Bronx. He was immediately rushed to the hospital where he stayed for several weeks. He has revealed in his interviews that he was set up by someone who knew him closely.
  • French Montana net worth upped in 2011 and 2012 especially when he made the most earnings through tours and mix tape releases.
  • Montana was involved in a public brawl in which he revealed that his fellow rap artist Jim Jones is the one behind the gun shots.
  • He had to promote his albums online as he and his friend Max B were cut off from the media coverage by Jim Jones.
  • He learned English on the streets of Bronx because when he moved to US, he only knew his native language and French.
  • French Montana net worth got high when he got signed as the brand ambassador of Diddy’s Ciroc line of vodka.
  • He is fond of fashion and style and has a liking towards big brands like Gucci, Versace and YSL.
  • His association with Maybach Group and Bad Boy entertainment has increased French Montana net worth by a huge margin.


  • In 2013, French’s convoy became a target of huge shots fired by some men who were seated in a black sedan car. The incident resulted in one man getting killed and another injured. The men shot fire at the crowd who were gathered there for French’s concert.
  • In 2003, he was badly shot in the head while leaving a recording studio but he survived the injuries.

Personal Life:

He married Deen Kharbouch in 2007 from whom he has a son named Kruz who was born in 2009. The marriage could not last long and they divorced in 2014. He has been involved in romantic relationships with French Canadian model Sophia Body, Trina and Khloe Kardashian. Media frenzy began to speculate around his relationships with many women. After his many failed relationships, French Montana net worth continued to maintain. In 2013, he dated a rapper Trina. When he shifted his base to LA to focus on his second album, they broke up. In 2014, he began dating Khloe Kardashian. In 2015, he was seen in Diddy’s party where French actress Sanaa Lathan was seen showing fondness towards French Montana. His inspirations are Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg and Wu-Tang Clan. He has several pets including a tiger and a monkey. He had a pet monkey which he named Julius Caesar. He is fond of Adele and Amy Winehouse. French Montana net worth comprised of the revenues he receive from tours and mix tapes.