Funeral Of Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali, Date, Time, Venue Of Memorial Ceremony In Louisville


The funeral of world greatest boxer and three times world heavy weight boxing champion Muhammad Ali was died in June 3, 2016 at the age of 74 and his funeral ceremony will be on this Friday in Louisville, Kentucky, the hometown of this legendary boxer Muhammad Ali.


This funeral ceremony was open for public as Muhammad Ali lives in everybody heart and thousands of his fans were awarded with a chance to pay tribute to famous personality of all the times Muhammad Ali, he is one of the most famous athletes of the world of all the times everybody knows that who is Mohammad Ali.

In Muhammad Ali’s funeral first of all there is a memorial service in which there is a recall to Muhammad Ali’s greatest carrier that how he was inspired from boxing why he choose this field.

how many hurdle are crossed by Muhammad Ali how his carrier was started his famous deeds and sayings how he spend his last time each and everything happens to Muhammad Ali was re called in this ceremony.

This ceremony takes place in KFC Yums! Centre and more than 15 thousand tickets were distributed and the whole information about tickets was available from last Monday on 5:30pm and this memorial ceremony will be started at 2 pm.

In this memorial ceremony many of the world famous personalities are coming to pay tribute to Muhammad Ali president of America barack Obama also want to come in the funeral of Muhammad Ali but due to some reasons he was not coming.

Before this Memorial ceremony the coffin of Muhammad Ali will be picked up and it was also heard that Will Smith a famous Hollywood actor is going to carry the Muhammad Ali’s coffin and then his coffin was carried through the streets of Louisville on 9 am.